2017 – 2018

All grade levels:


  • Polo shirts in red, black, white, or grey, short, ¾ or long sleeved. Any fabric for polo shirts is acceptable.
  • Button-down collared dress shirts in the approved solid colors are also allowed.
  • Pants (solid colored) in beige (khaki), red, black or any shade of grey (fabric: cotton or denim)
  • Shorts in the same colors, no more than 4” above the knee are permitted (fabric: cotton or denim)
  • Skirts and jumpers in the same colors, no more than 4” above the knee
  • Girls may wear leggings under skirts of the approved length
  • Sweatshirts, fleece and zippered jackets that will be worn in class MUST be in school colors (red, black, white, or grey) and must be worn over a polo shirt.
  • Winter coats (for outside use) do not have to be in school colors


Not permitted:

  • Hats or hoods in class or chapel.
  • T-shirts, even in school colors (except on Free Dress Days)
  • Logos of any kind other than the Excel logo
  • Leggings, yoga pants, jeggings, joggers or sweat pants
  • Mesh or nylon track pants
  • Tight jeans (typically known as skinny jeans)
  • Holes or tears of any size in any part of the uniform
  • Patterned (including plaid) clothing




  • Closed-toe shoes are recommended, but any sandals MUST have a strap across the heel.
  • Girls in grades Pre-K through 1st are allowed to wear solid colored leggings in black, red, beige (khaki) or grey.
  • Elementary students MAY bring mesh or nylon shorts or track pants to change into for PE


Middle and High School

  • PE uniforms for grades 7-12 (to be purchased through athletic department)
  • Boys’ pants/jeans may not sag
  • Once a month the high school will have scheduled “Professional dress” days; students will wear clothes appropriate for a job interview.

Make-up and jewelry are acceptable as long as they are not extreme