In order to achieve our mission as a Christian school, we must define the type of student that we are most able to assist in achieving our educational goals and who will not hinder other students from achieving those goals; therefore, admission into the Middle/High School is not automatic.

An Excel student must . . .

  1. exhibit good behavior patterns on a consistent basis
  2. be a Christian, or else be committed to learning about a relationship with Christ
  3. be motivated and academically able to handle the Excel curriculum


Students who test more than one grade level below their current grade will either not be admitted or else be admitted on a probationary status. Excel has the option to require private tutoring (at the parents’ expense) in order for the student to be enrolled.

While we welcome the opportunity to work with youth, we must ensure that parents receive what they are paying for—a quality education in a wholesome, safe environment.

Prospective students and their parents will meet with an administrator to determine whether Excel would be a suitable school for them, and to establish a rapport between the family and the school prior to the start of classes.